Fernando Alonso, the Aston Martin driver, recently shared his views on the dynamic between Max Verstappen and the Red Bull Racing team. Alonso’s perspective is a deviation from the popular belief that Verstappen, like Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes, has constructed the entire team around himself.

Alonso, a seasoned veteran in the world of Formula 1 racing, argues that the notion of Verstappen and Hamilton single-handedly building their respective teams is far from accurate. Instead, he believes that these multiple world champions just happened to find themselves in the right place at the right time.

“Red Bull is not a winning team because of him,” Alonso stated, referring to Verstappen. This statement contradicts the widely held belief that Verstappen’s influence and talent are the primary drivers of Red Bull’s success.

The Spaniard further elaborated, “It’s not about one person or one driver, it’s about the collective effort. It’s about the engineers, the mechanics, the strategists – everyone plays a part. You can’t win races, let alone championships, without a strong team behind you.”

Alonso’s comments come amidst a heated season where Verstappen and Hamilton have been locked in a fierce battle for the championship. Both drivers have shown exceptional skill and determination, but Alonso insists that their success is not solely their own.

He explained, “Sure, they’re great drivers. But they didn’t build their teams from scratch. They joined already successful teams and contributed to ongoing success. That’s not the same as creating a winning team.”

Alonso’s perspective offers a fresh take on the narrative surrounding Verstappen and Hamilton. It highlights the importance of teamwork and collaboration in a sport often dominated by discussions of individual talent and skill.

The Aston Martin driver’s comments also serve as a reminder of the complexity of Formula 1 racing. It’s not just about the driver, but also about the team backing them up – from the pit crew to the strategists and engineers. Everyone has a role to play, and a winning team is the product of all these parts working together seamlessly.

In conclusion, Alonso’s stance is clear: Verstappen and Hamilton found winning teams, they didn’t create them. This perspective underscores the importance of recognizing the collective efforts that contribute to the success of a Formula 1 team, rather than attributing it all to one individual. 🏁

While the focus often falls on the drivers, Alonso’s comments remind us