Carlos Sainz, the Spanish Formula 1 driver, has his sights set on achieving a significant milestone this season – a non-Red Bull victory. After securing pole position for the second consecutive race at the Singapore Grand Prix, he is now targeting his first win of the season. 🏁

Sainz’s determination and skill have been impressively displayed in recent races. His performance in qualifying rounds has been nothing short of exceptional as he managed to outpace all competitors including those from Red Bull Racing.

The Spaniard’s success does not come without hard work and dedication behind the scenes. He spends countless hours training both physically and mentally to ensure that he can perform at his best during each race.

His Ferrari team mate Charles Leclerc also had an impressive run taking third place in qualifying rounds. The duo showed great synergy which could potentially lead them to dominate this year’s championship.

However, it won’t be easy for Sainz or Leclerc as they face stiff competition from other seasoned drivers who are equally hungry for wins this season.

Despite these challenges, there is something about Sainz’s confident demeanor that suggests he might just pull off what seems like an impossible feat against formidable opponents from Red Bull Racing among others.

This upcoming race will undoubtedly prove crucial for Carlos Sainz as well as Ferrari’s standing in this year’s championship series. A win here would provide much-needed momentum going into subsequent races while also boosting morale within their camp.

Regardless of whether or not Carlos achieves his goal on Sunday, one thing remains certain; he has already proven himself a force to be reckoned with by consistently delivering strong performances throughout the current racing calendar.

In conclusion, fans around the world eagerly anticipate Sunday’s Singapore Grand Prix where they hope to see Carlos Sainz claim his first non-Red Bull win of the season after taking pole position two times consecutively.