Carlos Sainz, the Spanish Formula 1 driver, is setting his sights on a groundbreaking first non-Red Bull victory of the season in Sunday’s Singapore Grand Prix. This comes after he managed to secure pole position for two consecutive races, an achievement that has certainly boosted his confidence and morale.

Sainz’s performance this season has been nothing short of impressive. His ability to consistently perform at such high levels shows not only his skill as a driver but also his determination and resilience. He is currently driving for Ferrari, one of the most prestigious teams in Formula 1 history.

Securing pole position means that Sainz will start from the front row during Sunday’s race. This advantageous position could very well lead him to clinch his maiden win of the season – something he eagerly anticipates.

“That would feel amazing,” said Sainz when asked about potentially achieving this milestone victory. The sentiment was clear in his voice; every racer dreams of standing atop that podium holding up their trophy 🏆

However, it won’t be easy sailing for Sainz as competition remains fierce among other drivers who are equally eager to claim victory at Singapore Grand Prix – one of F1 racing’s crown jewel events.

His teammate Charles Leclerc secured third place during qualifying sessions showing promising signs for Ferrari team which had struggled earlier in the season with both speed and reliability issues.

Leclerc’s performance adds another layer to Ferrari’s potential success story over this weekend if they can manage a double podium finish or even better – securing first place through Carlos Sainiz while maintaining Leclerc’s strong form throughout race day.

The upcoming race undoubtedly carries significant weightage towards determining overall standings within championship points tally making it crucially important event not just for individual racers but entire teams alike.

As spectators anxiously await what promises be thrilling race filled with adrenaline-pumping action on trackside; all eyes will remain firmly fixated on Carlos Sainz. Will he manage to convert his pole position into a much-deserved victory?

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: whatever the outcome, it promises to be an exciting race day in Singapore.