Red Bull confirmed that the Red Bull Junior Team and the Formula Honda Dream Program will continue to work together to find a young Japanese driver to follow in the footsteps of Yuki Kakuda. According to German media reports, the Red Bull F1 team has agreed with engine supplier Honda to allow the Red Bull and AlphaTauri teams to continue using Honda F1 engines after 2021. Red Bull Racing F1 for the 2022 and 2023 seasons will transition from a new Red Bull Powertrain division, the new Red Bull Powertrain Division, to complete powertrain management. Honda also made it clear that Honda’s quad racing activities, including support for Red Bull in 2022, will now be run by Honda Racing, the division responsible for the company’s participation in motorcycle racing.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner regularly dismisses concerns. Their battle for the world championship somewhat compromised the development of 2022 last year. Last year, every F1 team dealt with the delicate balance of 2021-2022 car development, but none faced a more significant challenge than Red Bull and Mercedes. What is clear is that the conditions for Mercedes and Red Bull are more challenging than ever, with both teams facing last year’s perfect storm, new rules, cost caps and wind test restrictions, meaning the challenge is very different from what was before.

Given that Ferrari, which led and challenged the championship in 2017 and 2018, could be a significant threat, it is not foregone that last year’s elite F1 team will continue to lead this year. Betting on their existence is risky. After finishing first and second for the two groups in 2020, Mercedes has only slightly less aerodynamic testing than Red Bull in the first half of the year, but old rival Ferrari, which finished a disappointing sixth place last year Much more testing time—overtaking Mercedes, making Ferrari’s old rival a severe threat of 2022. Red Bull is the fastest car among the top two teams after winning the last four races.

The extra cash prize for a higher place in the Constructors’ Championship will likely offset what Ferrari has to pay. Still, with Red Bull also finishing second in the 2021 rankings, this success is expected to come as a direct blow to the speakers. Red Bull will now want to claim that the Red Bull Constructors’ Championship was close to winning in 2021 and also defended the Drivers’ title with Max Verstappen. While they enjoyed the post-season honeymoon phase, Max Verstappen’s Bull’s partnership only threatens to get stronger and more successful.