Following a series of delays, teams will learn on Monday if they have been issued a certificate of conformity confirming that they performed under the cap in 2021.

If they do not, further investigation and sanctions will be imposed.

During the Singapore Grand Prix weekend, other teams claimed that Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin had over the cap, albeit both have categorically denied this.

Reid told exclusively at Suzuka ahead of Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix that the FIA is angry that teams have levelled charges at rivals.

“I think the unfortunate thing for me is there’s been so much speculation, and wild speculation,” he said. “And that’s caused situations where potentially there’s even some reputational damage now, which is unfortunate. There’s been too much talk.

“Monday will come and go, and I’m sure we’ll quickly move on to the next year’s analysis. And we’ll see what comes.

“Personally, I actually don’t know the figures. It is a process, we do have a department who are doing that, they will come with various steps in the process.

“If there were to be any breaches, I think everybody knows what those breaches would be classified as in terms of procedural, minor and material.

“The regulations are there for everyone to read. We’ve already had the Williams situation [when the team was fined in June] so everybody understands what would happen or what the next steps might be, certainly in terms of procedural breach.

“I don’t know if there will be some procedural breaches, or there might even be some overspends. So let’s wait and see and deal with it at that time.”

Reid stressed that the most important outcome of Monday is that the regulations are seen to have worked successfully.

“They need to work,” he said. “There’s a process. It’s early doors in terms of the regulations. You look at how many changes there are to F1 technical and sporting regulations on an ongoing basis. I think anything new needs to be tweaked.

“Potentially there are some unintended or unrealised consequences in the way things are written. It’s the old classic. If you push the balloon down here, it’s going to pop up somewhere else that you’re maybe not aware of. We had a trial run in 2020, so this is our first proper one.

“We still have situations from a sporting perspective that people say, ‘Oh, we’ve never seen that before.’ Now, how long has the sport been going on? So I’m sure we’re going to see the same, not just for the ’21 analysis, but ongoing in financial regulations as we go forward.

“It’s a complicated set of regulations, so a complicated process to try and achieve. But I think everyone agrees it’s absolutely essential for the future of the sport that we have some control on the on the costs.”